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A one-eyed man had finished balancing buckets on his head and a feeble dance-troupe was pirouetting with shopping trolleys when I received a text: The Azeri power-balladeers El and Nikki were air-grabbing their way to victory, crushing the competition beneath their impractical yet glamorous white shoes. Twitter was simultaneously triumphant and confused: A few years ago, I was commissioned to write a guide to Baku and — honestly — I started with the same question. Azerbaijan wasn’t always a backwater. Indeed, a century-and-a-half ago it was very much in the mainstream. Oil-soaked earth had long been used as a fuel in Azerbaijan, but it was the drilling of the first commercial oil well in that led to a massive influx of opportunists.

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Share this article Share Baku today is fed up with being just a giant oil terminal and is looking for a new status as a good-time destination. It’s an Islamic state, but secularised and it feels very relaxed. And, for visitors, the streets are safe. It’s also a nostalgic smoker’s paradise — you can light up after dinner in any restaurant.

Get a history lesson at the Museum of Carpets or pick up a rug of your own in one of the old city’s carpet shops Culturally, its big claim to fame is the well-preserved old city, a maze of lovely, honey-coloured limestone streets dating back to the Arab conquest, which have been used to stand in for Tehran or Istanbul in countless films.

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When you look at Azerbaijani brides, you are looking at women who may seem to have a meek demeanor, but they will powerfully love their husbands and be dedicated to them forever. They are very educated and will likely speak English as it is widely taught in the country’s schools.

Antiquity[ edit ] Roman stone inscription in Gobustan dating back to 84—96 A. Around , years ago, the territory of modern Baku and Absheron was savanna with rich flora and fauna. From the Bronze age there have been rock carvings discovered near Bayil, and a bronze figure of a small fish discovered in the territory of the Old City. These have led some to suggest the existence of a Bronze Age settlement within the city’s territory. This is one of the earliest written evidences for Baku.

Shirvanshah A miniature painting marking the downfall of the Shirvanshahs at the hands of the Safavids. Baku was the realm of the Shirvanshahs during the 8th century CE.

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Romanov Avenue in The second half of the 19th century was notable for its advancement in communication. In , the first telegraph line to Tiflis was established, and in , an under-sea telegraph line connected Baku with Krasnovodsk. In , the first horse tramway appeared. However, in , the clerics as well as the representatives of other religious communities were banished or shot.

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Azerbaijan’s capital offers a fascinating Soviet legacy, soaring towers that could have been transplanted from Shanghai, along with a beautiful ancient center. Contradictory it may be, but Baku is always a delight. Top 5 Reasons to Visit Baku 1. Ringed with an impressive set of walls, it sits atop a maze of tunnels and features countless historic sights, including the Maiden Tower.

Visit the Absheron Peninsula Baku’s hinterland is well worth visiting, from the Ateshgah Fire Temple to the spectacular natural gas vents of Yanar Dag. World-Class Kebabs If you are a kebab fan, Baku is the place to head. For a treat, try the liver kebabs from Sultan’s, a local favorite. What to do in Baku 1. Palace of the ShirvanShahs: The Pearl of Azerbaijan A historical monument that is breathtaking in its scale, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs is made up of stunning mausoleums, gran stone pavilions, intricate stone carvings, and mosque spires.

It also includes a bathhouse.

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Baku -Yanar Dag – Baku Baku – Yanar Dag – Baku To experience some local color and flavor, we suggest an early visit to the Bazaar market to see the famous Baku tomatoes, citrus and nuts, sold as they have been for centuries by local traders. This is best done earlier in the day to see the market at its best, but can equally be done in the afternoon.

Later, you will see the fascinating eternal burning hill – Yanar Dag, which is located 30 minutes from Baku. Fueled by natural gas escaping from the rocks and earth, it has been endlessly burning for five decades, with flames sprouting straight from the earth. The Ateshgah Temple, a minute drive away is a must see. Also known as the Temple of the Fire Worshippers, this has been a center of worship for thousands of years and is one of the finest preserved temples of its kind.

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It lies on an ancient trade route from the Central Asian steppe towards Europe, being the main port that received trade from the east as it was shipped across the Caspian Sea. Heading westwards from Baku, merchandise would either be transported north through the Caucasus Mountains and thus to the Black Sea and to Istanbul, or would travel due east, into Turkey.

The Bay of Baku was a natural choice for any vessel crossing the Caspian Sea, as it is well sheltered by the surrounding land from the fierce winds for which the region is renowned, and provides the best harbour in the Caspian Sea. Moreover, as well as trading foreign goods, the region has extensive natural oil supplies, with reports of oil being sourced from open wells around Baku from as early as the Middle Ages.

This oil was a very valuable commodity and was traded both west to Europe and east across the Sea to Asia. As such, Baku has been an important and multicultural hub in the Caucasus region throughout history. The Caspian Sea has been a crucial link in trade between Central Asia and the west since Roman times, when it lay on the main northern trading route for the Roman Empire. Indeed, artefacts of Egyptian-Roman origin have been discovered in excavations around the north Caucasus dating from as early as the 5th century BC, highlighting the importance of this region in the transmission of goods across Asia.

Archaeological evidence from Baku indicates that the city was founded several centuries before the Common Era, and thus grew up in and was formed by this history of trade and exchange, playing a fundamental role in the reception and transmission of eastern goods.

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Most popular search phrases: Azerbaijan its name, which is thought by some researchers to mean the ‘Land of Fire’ and ‘Land of Wind’. And you may discover this magical place for yourself in a short time. The rest of the day is free to relax. Proceed with sightseeing tour across the city.

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Rusalochka Massage Parlour, not far from the Ayna Sultanova monument, is a massage salon that functions as a brothel. Update erotic massage salons in Baku: In front of the big business hotels like Grand Hotel Europe on Tbilisi Avenue 30 near the Heydar Aliyev Complex and its exhibition halls you can also see sometimes ladies waiting for customers. Girl friendly hotels and accommodation Most hotels in Baku are aimed at business travellers and have a girl friendly attitude. Since upscale hotels in Baku are extremely expensive renting an apartment can be good value for money and provides more privacy for sure.

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