Chinese PZ27 High Performance Carburetor – Manual Choke – Version 150 – 150cc

Hooking up the electric choke on an Edelbrock AFB carb. When I first installed the Edelbrock carb with electric choke I had problems with running way too rich, not opening the secondaries and the choke staying on way too long. After I ran out of ideas and the installation manual wasn’t much help, I finally broke down and did the thing we all hate to do: They told me that this was a common problem with GM installations because the stock choke wire does not provide a full 12 volts to the choke coil. This may be fine for Quadrajet or Dualjet carbs, but the Edelbrock will not function correctly unless it has 12 volts supplied to it. They suggested splicing a wire from the windshield wiper supply wire and running it to the choke. This will work for the connector pictured below, but other types of connectors might be more difficult to tap into. In such cases, it might be a better idea to run a wire from the IGN circuit at the fuse block. The white wire is the wiper supply line and the red one is the wire I spliced into it. Then I connected the other end of the wire to the “Plus” terminal on the choke assembly.

Choke cable hook up???

Factory carbs used vacuum secondaries with dual metering blocks — none of the original carbs that I’m aware of used mechanical secondaries. The Ford engineering number, Holley list number, and casting date code can be found on the air horn in front of the choke plate. Holley identification tags are mounted along the right passenger side of the carburetor on the choke assembly. Carburetors used during the model year were revised over time.

Add to that an electric choke and this carb is super easy to use on almost anything. Don’t trust your performance to just anyone, Holley is the only modular carburetor company that has been in business for over years and has powered every NASCAR champion since the 60’s.

And will the car run the normal without it connected and also where can i connect the red power cable from the choke to, i know that you can connect it to the accesory port in the fuse panel but what is the connector called? Says Me Not at all — if it even starts it will be too rich when running they do sell manual choke kits for this carb — get one or use the electric choke hey just wait — in summer you might get away with it and if connected you mean the heat tube — that is there to DISENGAGE the choke which is why it will be too rich Joshhhh Your gay Marvin Yes you can but the choke needs to be help open to run right.

Boogie Yes you can and the car will run just fine — once the engine is warm. Getting it started and warming it up will be a pain — especially in the winter. You can be rest assured that the pain in the tail will motivate you to connect the choke. You may find that using starting fluid comes in a spray can will be a huge help in getting it started, just use this stuff sparingly.

Technical Details

What do you mean by “does not work”? Or does not even crank over etc? Testing the basic wiring from the front to the back, assuming we are talking about a boat with a steering wheel etc should be pretty easy. Start by checking for continuity and for shorts to ground. You could do this with a long jumper or by tying 2 wires together at one end and checking at the other end.

Where on a Mazda truck liter motor does the electric choke wire hook to it has a manual transmission? Answer. It connects to the back of the alternator towards the top.

These units were not overly reliable, and in fact, most manufacturers build a manual override into the carburetor so that the operator has positive control over the choke. One issue with the divorced chokes was the choke had to move the mass of the connecting rod as well as operate the choke plate. The integral choke was an integral part of the carburetor, and had a bimetallic strip with an external heat source. These early chokes used both electric and hot air as the external heat source.

The electric proved to be much less functional than the hot air, as the electric choke operated on time, not on the actual temperature of the engine. Stalling was a problem with the electric chokes. The electric was discontinued after a few years, except on aftermarket replacement units. The hot air integral choke used a hot air source that was a tube that would be either pressed into the exhaust manifold or extended into a blind external chamber of the exhaust manifold.

The integral hot air choke has proved to be by far the most functional and reliable of all automatic chokes. The Achilles heel of the hot air choke is the tube pressed into the manifold. In time, the exhaust burns through the tube, requiring that the manifold be removed, and the tube replaced.

“Electric Choke for scooter/moped carburettors How does “

Need Photos of choke cable hook up on Dura Max 16hp It depends on what lever you have. I had one with the side airfilter and it had a big lever above the carb. The engine with the airbox above the carb is way different. I have one of those now and not yet got to figuring that out. You might be able to buy the larger plastic lever on ebay sometimes there are a lot of parts on there for them cheap, or find another source.

That is a yamaha and the choke pulls to activate so it had to be reversed pivot in center of lever I made does that.

Important manual information EMU To the owner Thank you for choosing a Yamaha outboard motor. This Owner’s Manual contains infor-mation needed for proper operation, mainte-.

Carburetor Technical Information Rochester Quadrajet Quadrajets were used as original equipment on many vehicles from to Over million have been produced. QJets have a maximum airflow of from cfm. Because the secondary side of the Qjet opens according to the airflow requirements of the engine, the same basic carburetor size can be used on a large range of engine sizes. For example, on a mild Chevy the air valve will never open all the way – because the motor can’t use more than cfm or so.

M4MC Quadrajets have an integral choke and a different airhorn design; also, the throttle shafts are longer than in 4MV carbs. Starting in carb numbers were stamped on the driver’s side, near the back. Identification There are three basic types of QJet: All QJets had automatic chokes, of which there are two basic types – integral choke coil on the carb and remote choke coil on the manifold.

An M4MC carb has a choke coil on the carb; and M4ME carb has the same type fo choke coil, but with an electric heater element in the choke coil. Choke parts, primary metering rods and throttle shafts are not interchangeable between 4M and M4M carbs.


This is accomplished by a butterfly valve in the throat of the carburetor, at the very top. This is the automatic choke. This terminal on the coil is simply a convenient point to provide power to these components when the ignition is on.

Holley Manual Choke Conversion Hot air choke for easy hook up. Edelbrock Performer CFM 4 Barrel Carburetor, Manual Choke New Carburetor Toyota pick-up 20r 22r weber hi performance 38 dges conversion. (6) Review This Product. Choke Kit, Manual Choke.

Having Fuel Mixture problems? Is your scooter hard to start or have idling Problems? I have had My cc scooter now for many wonderful years. And with gas prices being where they are. Riding my scooter has been a blessing. That is until the darn choke sticks open or sticks closed. Tearing down the scooter to change the parts. Then waiting till it happens again.

Electric Choke Conversion

Online Job Application Search I need to wire an electric choke on my carburetor. Where can I pick up a feed to do this? Unfortunately, this can be a bit confusing and also a bit lengthy. Many and later harnesses already have a fused 12 volt feed in the harnesses that were used to power up things like idle stop solenoids, TCS spark controls, turbo kickdown power, etc.

Oct 28,  · Best Answer: The electric choke should be connected to a power source that is “ON” only when the key is in the “ON” position. You should be able to connect the positive wire into a 12 volt source in the fuse block. Use a test light to make sure that the power is off when the key is : Resolved.

I don’t like automatic anything and have removed electric chokes from everything I’ve ever owned and installed a manual. Well, maybe not everything, but you get the idea. If you haven’t bought the carb yet, order one with the manual choke. Either order the choke cable with the carb or toddle on down to Autozone and buy a generic one. Drill a hole in the dash to mount the housing. Route the housing through a hole in the firewall to the carb choke lever.

Try to let the housing lay more or less where it wants to without bending it, but taking up the slack at the same time so it looks lika a nice, clean installation. Aim it at the carb clamp without making any sharp kinks or bends in the housing that would resist the inner wire moving freely inside the housing.

Installing a manual choke